About Positive Impacts

About Positive Impacts LLC

Positive Impacts LLC was formed by Keith and Pamela Corrigan. It has filed for 501 (c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Our IRS Employer Identification Number(EIN) is 82-0833828.

Positive Impacts has no paid employees and strives to cover the costs of our events and organizational expenses through sponsors. Our goal is to put 100% of monies raised to work on making our goals a reality…a loving home for every dog and and boundless opportunity for every child.

Our Fundraising

We provide funds to foundations dedicated to helping our youth in the United States. We organize events designed to raise funds and allow children to experience the love in their communities. Further, we seek to fund dog preserves and adoptions to provide all with a loving home and a place to enjoy life.

All events are designed to allow the participation of the at-risk youth in our communities and raise funds to support our efforts. We believe that charitable work and giving is in the heart of every American and we provide opportunities for all to help in a fun, motivating way.


About Keith and Pamela

Keith Corrigan was adopted at a very young age and feels that adoption provided him with the opportunity to live a great life.  Keith, a few years ago, was appalled to discover that orphanages still existed in the United States and that many US children had no family.  As a result, he decided to work to provide as many opportunities as possible for these children so they would get the very same opportunity from which he had benefited.

Pamela’s story is different.  She has a deep love for animals and, in particular, dogs.  She is touched by the unconditional love and support these pets provide which enriches the lives of all they contact. Unfortunately, some people still treat these wonderful creatures as disposable and many end up in horrible situations.  Pamela has decided that no dog should be without a loving home and therefore has pledged to do what she can to make this dream a reality.


Both Pamela and Keith are financial advisors in a company founded by Pamela, GAAM Wealth Advisors based in Kingsport. GAAM is ranked in the top 3 financial advising firms in the state of Tennessee by Barron’s since the inception of the rankings in 2009.

They reside in Piney Flats with their four four-legged children (Tonka – Wolf Hybrid, Copper – Ridgeback, Maui – Husky, and Sydney – Boykin Spaniel).